My name is Marra and I am a qualified freelance makeup artist with over 5 years
experience, based in West Midlands.  I specialize in bridal, party look,  prom and
fashion styles.

My interest in makeup started 10 years ago when I began to model for other makeup artists to showcase their talent and skills.

Not knowing anything about makeup and being all new to it, I started to practice on myself everyday. I started to feel that makeup was helping to change my mood especially when I was feeling low. I realised the more I learned and the more I could create different looks, the more I used to connect with myself and my emotions and that is when I knew i wanted to be in this industry. 

At first wearing makeup was more to help my confidence and make me feel beautiful, but eventually I learned to accept my flaws and love myself for who I am as a person. Being a makeup artist gave me the ability to help other women out there to feel better about themselves, to see the beauty within them and learn that makeup enhances their natural beauty.

As a makeup artist one of the most beautiful moments for me is when my brides look in the mirror and I see the nerves and stress melt away. Another special moment is when I make a connection with a model and help put her mind at ease by empowering them to go and give their all knowing that they look the part.

I am a bit of a perfectionist so as I progress further in my career, I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my skills to enable me  to provide the best personalised service that all my clients deserve. 


About Me